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Signal Attenuation Coating | Corrosion Control | Cathodic Protection

Signal Attenuation Coating

Signal Attenuation Coating (SAC) Survey

An ac signal is applied to the pipeline and this signal will gradually decrease as it leaks to earth through the capacitive and resistive effects of the coating. At coating defects the signal loss will be greater and the survey equipment is used to measure this intensity at selected pipeline locations to determine coating conditions.

Inshore Trailing Wire Surveys

A Trailing Wire Survey is carried out to provide a profile of the potential level throughout the length of a metallic structure. The profile can include both 'On' and instantaneous 'Off' potentials to assess the Cathodic Protection performance. This survey procedure can also be used to identify areas affected by interaction. This method is used for pipelines that travel offshore. Continuous Cathodic Potential data is obtained using a weighted marine Silver/silver chloride half cell and trailing wire spooling system. The trailing wire is connected to the pipeline via a test post facility on the shore. The data is recorded utilising a Cathodic Protection Data Acquisition System.

Cathodic Protection Material Supply

R & R Corrosion can provide Cathodic Protection Equipment to client's requirements and needs. We can provide Sacrificial anodes of all shapes and sizes and in any quantity. We also provide Impressed current system material, Transformer Rectifiers, Silicon Iron or MMO anodes, Coke Breeze and much much more.

We also provide a Supply and Installation Service for all material Supplied.

Routine Monitoring

We provide assurance to our client with the knowledge that their Cathodic Protection Systems, both Impressed and Sacrificial, are in good working order and that their pipelines / Structures are Cathodically Protected.

With surveys and monitoring to meet clients needs we can ensure that all works and remedials can be highlighted to maintain the integrity of their systems.


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